Virginia Marine Police Maintenance Shop (Newport News)

When the Virginia Marine Police needed to insulate their leaky maintenance shop they called in Atlantic Spray!  Check out the pics!











Habitat for Humanity Home

We recently completed a new home for Habitat for Humanity in Williamsburg!  It’s a really great cause that helps to get people into their first home. We donated 100% of our materials and Labor for this particular project.  This home is Insulated to Earth Craft standards which consisted of spray foam in the walls and crawl.  Check it out!

(SPI) Spray Foam Insulation by ATLANTIC SPRAY SYSTEMS

Insulation for a 100yr+ house in downtown Richmond, VA. Using all types of foam; close cell for flame and heat sensitive substrates, open cell for the exposed walls and rooflines, and injection foam for walls where original plaster will be preserved.

Atlantic Spray Systems Inc – Serving Richmond Virginia and surrounding counties

Insulation for the Treehouse Guys

It’s not every day a really cool project comes along, but when you get a phone call from The Treehouse Guys (think DIY Network) you know it has to be special! We insulated this beautifully crafted treehouse this summer with #sprayfoam! How cool is that?




R value


Assessing Insulation Efficiency

An R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow: the higher the R-value, the greater the effectiveness of the insulation material being evaluated.

The U.S. Department of Energy has established a set of R-values for different sections of the country based on climate and local energy costs. But in any area, factors affecting an insulation material’s resistance to heat flow include:

  • Material type, thickness and density
  • How the material is installed in the building
  • Where the material is installed
  • Type of heating and cooling system available

Insulation that is compressed will not yield a full-rated R-value. In a multi-layered installation, the R-values of individual layers are figured separately, then added together to arrive at the correct computation. Wall or ceiling insulation will provide a somewhat different R-value than the R-value of the insulation material itself. This is because a certain amount of heat flows around the insulation through studs and joists.

Bottom line: Installing more insulation increases the resistance to heat flow, resulting in higher R-values. And simply stated, higher R-values translate to a more comfortable home environment.

Atlantic Spray Systems at the Richmond Home Show

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. is delighted to participate in the upcoming Richmond Home Show, scheduled October 12 and 13 at the Richmond Raceway Complex! This popular annual show includes all of the exhibitors you want to meet when planning to make your home more efficient and more beautiful too! Stop by and see us in person, and we’ll answer address all of your questions and curiosities regarding home insulation, energy audits and increasing efficiency! We can’t wait to meet you in person – visit the show’s website for details, parking information, hours and more!


Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc.

The Big Burn: The Truth About Cellulose Insulation

Concerned about the safety of Cellulose Insulation in the event of fire? This video documents the results of fire safety tests on the insulation, which may surprise you with its fire resistant effects:

The Big Burn: The Truth About Cellulose Insulation

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc.

Find Rebates and Incentives For Your Home Improvements

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. is pleased to share a new resource with our clients – just click on the graphic below to access a database of rebates and incentives that can save or earn you money for the home improvements you’ve been considering making. Your list will be customized by geographic region and includes powerful search features to help you find every available benefit for which you qualify. Discover incentives offered by local power and gas companies as well as various tax agencies. Don’t wait – check it out today!

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Great Video of a Spray Foam Roof Application

Ever wonder exactly what it looks like when we apply Spray Foam insulation? Click below to view a great video of a roof application in progress.

IMG_0565 (1)