7 Questions to Help You Choose Your Crawl Space Expert

When searching for someone to insulate your crawl space, it’s not uncommon to encounter quite a few “crawl space specialists”. They claim to be the most knowledgeable resource for the task, and coincidentally boast the highest prices.

Scratch the surface of many of these “specialists” however, and you’ll find that some take unacceptable shortcuts and use substandard materials. Do your research. If you know the right questions to ask and the right qualifications to seek, you can actually end up with a better product at a better price.

Here are some basic questions that can help you determine if you are selecting the best provider for your crawl space treatment:

1. Will you remove all of the existing insulation and trash? The correct answer is yes, all of the trash and existing insulation must be removed. If any is left behind, it could promote mold growth or puncture the vapor barrier.

2. What thickness of vapor barrier will you install? The answer should be a minimum of 12 ML and it should be reinforced.

3. How do you handle seams in the crawl space? The provider should explain to you that they will properly tape the seams to ensure that the space is 100% sealed. Air infiltration can cause moisture and mold growth and taping the seams helps prevent this. This process is time consuming, and is a potential short cut that should concern you.

4. How will you prepare the foundation wall? A combination of closed cell spray foam needs to be applied to the exterior foundation wall.

5. How will you address the access to my crawl space? The door to your crawl space needs to be insulated and weather-stripped for an airtight seal.

6. What will happen to my existing foundation vents? The existing foundation vents should be sealed from the inside.

7. How do you condition the crawl space? If there is existing duct work, the crawl space will be pressurized from the inside with a small register to dump air.

Invest your time in some basic research into the process of insulating your crawl space and be familiar with the procedures as well as the questions that distinguish a professional from someone with fewer qualifications. Your study time will be rewarded with better choices, better services and a better finished product.

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