Guest Post: Controlling Air Infiltration

Today, we are pleased to feature a guest post by Jeff Fisher of JH Fisher Construction, Inc. Thank you Jeff for your insight!

Have you ever been in a home and noticed air blowing through the power receptacles on the walls? What you experienced is a symptom of the failure to control air infiltration during construction or repair.

While basic insulation of walls tremendously slows the rate of temperature transfer, there are many specific points that need to be inspected and covered that frequently are not. Some contractors will leave holes in your plywood sheathing assuming that the gaps will be covered by Tyvek house wrap and siding – these penetrations create weak points, however, and must be repaired. The plywood exterior should be complete with no voids into the frame.

There are other measures you can take to ensure that you are ideally controlling air infiltration. When house wrap is installed, make sure it is done per recommendations. There needs to be sufficient overlap and it must be taped properly with house wrap tape. Not taping may not create leaks, but it will allow for air infiltration.

You also need to choose the right insulation contractor. Select the one who will inspect to ensure that your home was properly sealed originally and who pays close attention to any window and door openings, utility pipes, and receptacles, holes through the top and bottom plates of the wall framing and penetrations through walls. Choose the contractor who will manually inspect to confirm that all possible weaknesses are addressed, ensuring that your home will not suffer the damaging and uncomfortable effects of air infiltration.

Jeff Fisher is a third-generation woodworker and owner of JH Fisher Construction, Inc.


  1. Anjaleena says:

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