Have Your Crawl Conditioned by the Pros

In a recent article, we warned you about the drawbacks of contracting someone unqualified to install insulation. The industry, like many, is getting very competitive, and there are so-called “professionals” out there giving really bad advice. One of our clients recently encountered a confusing situation, and thankfully called on us to determine what the facts and best plan were, thereby saving her money and frustration.

In this case, a termite company came in and advised the homeowner that she needed to have a rotted wood joist replaced in a crawl space that we had already conditioned. She was confused because it didn’t seem logical that the joist would have rotted after conditioning. Knowing that we back our product with guarantees and great service, she called to express her concern. We scheduled an appointment, and on seeing the “repair” we were able to explain to her that the company had simply sistered a new piece of wood up against another joist. On inspection it was clear to us that there was nothing wrong with the existing joist. There was no sign of moisture problems – which made sense since they had the space conditioned!

Obviously the termite company felt that they had to find something in order to make their inspection profitable. Yet, it was the client who suffered the extra work and fees.

Conditioning crawl spaces takes away the environment that termites, rodents, mice and snakes really desire. Termite companies are threatened by this, and have, as a result, entered the insulation business. If you are looking in to conditioning your crawl space, we highly recommend contacting us at Atlantic Spray today.

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