Your family’s comfort level has much to do with the insulation that exists throughout your home. At Atlantic Spray Systems, we offer a variety of options for effectively insulating key spaces:

Roof Insulation (for Vented Space) Traditionally, insulation is placed between the joists on the attic floor as protection against seasonal temperature swings. Read More>>

Attic Insulation (for Non-vented Space) A vented attic can heat up to 130 degrees in the summer, causing your HVAC system to work much harder than necessary.  Unwanted moisture can also form as the result of condensation. These problems can be solved by applying spray foam insulation to the underside of the roof deck. Read More>>

Wall Insulation Fiberglass batts insulation, stapled into wall cavities, has been in use for many years. However, spray foam insulation has now become the preferred application for homeowners who want a tight, durable seal against air and moisture filtration. Read More>>

Crawl Space and Basement Insulation The accumulation of moisture is a primary concern in crawl spaces and basements because excessive moisture creates a breeding ground for mold, which is a health concern for your entire family. Often the moisture problem goes undetected in these areas, giving spores the freedom to grow undisturbed. However, spray foam insulation is an effective way to control the accumulation of moisture by sealing wall cavities completely, including studs. Read More>>

New Construction Insulation We have many choices to offer builders or homeowners who are building new homes, we Install the right products in the right locations, let our experience help you design and Install the right package for your new home! Read More>>

Weatherization Keep your energy costs low. Weatherization is the process of protecting a home or commercial building from elements like wind and cold weather. Read More>>

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