Crawl Space Project

Descriptions of images above:

  • (Photo 1) This is a crawl space in an older home. It was very inefficient and unhealthy.
  • (Photo 2) This picture is the same crawl after we conditioned it, this is extremely energy efficient and much healthier
  • (Photo 3) When doing a conditioned crawl it is important to use sustainable products. We like to use a heavy 12 mil reinforced poly, sealing all the seams and penetrations with a heavy mil tape. We sprayed the walls with a closed cell soy based foam, this gives a nice monolithic seal to the perimeter walls.


Treehouse Guys Insulation (Yes! The DIY Network ‘Treehouse Guys’)

  • It’s not every day a really cool project comes along, but when you get a phone call from The Treehouse Guys (think DIY Network) you know it has to be special! We insulated this beautifully crafted treehouse this summer with #sprayfoam! How cool is that?


York County Project: Wall & Attic Insulation

King & Queen Middle School Gymnasium

We were called in to address the hanging Insulation which was both non-functional because it was all torn, but also an eyesore. We removed all the old Insulation, Prepped the ceiling and sprayed a few inches of closed cell foam to the entire area. We then coated the foam with D.C.-315, a White Intumescent Thermal barrier. Now the Insulation will be there for the remaining life of the building, which has brought energy efficiency and is a lot more ascetically pleasing!