Virginia Marine Police Maintenance Shop (Newport News)

When the Virginia Marine Police needed to insulate their leaky maintenance shop they called in Atlantic Spray!  Check out the pics!




















Crawl Space Project

Descriptions of images above:

  • (Photo 1) This is a crawl space in an older home. It was very inefficient and unhealthy.
  • (Photo 2) This picture is the same crawl after we conditioned it, this is extremely energy efficient and much healthier
  • (Photo 3) When doing a conditioned crawl it is important to use sustainable products. We like to use a heavy 12 mil reinforced poly, sealing all the seams and penetrations with a heavy mil tape. We sprayed the walls with a closed cell soy based foam, this gives a nice monolithic seal to the perimeter walls.


Treehouse Guys Insulation (Yes! The DIY Network ‘Treehouse Guys’)

  • It’s not every day a really cool project comes along, but when you get a phone call from The Treehouse Guys (think DIY Network) you know it has to be special! We insulated this beautifully crafted treehouse this summer with #sprayfoam! How cool is that?


York County Project: Wall & Attic Insulation

King & Queen Middle School Gymnasium

We were called in to address the hanging Insulation which was both non-functional because it was all torn, but also an eyesore. We removed all the old Insulation, Prepped the ceiling and sprayed a few inches of closed cell foam to the entire area. We then coated the foam with D.C.-315, a White Intumescent Thermal barrier. Now the Insulation will be there for the remaining life of the building, which has brought energy efficiency and is a lot more ascetically pleasing!

Habitat for Humanity in Williamsburg

We completed a new home in Williamsburg for Habitat for Humanity. Habitiat for Humanity is a really great cause that helps to get people into their 1st home. This home is Insulated to Earth Craft standards which consisted of spray foam in the walls and crawl! We donated 100% of our materials and Labor for this particular project!