Attic Encapsulation Improves Energy Efficiency and Saves Money

Unseasonably warm weather has many home owners turning off their heaters and activating their air conditioning units much earlier in the year than expected. Many will experience sluggish performance which can lead to concern that their air handler is inadequate or needs repair.

What many of these home owners don’t realize is that their air conditioning unit is not the problem – the conditions under which it is operating are to blame. Most are located in attics at temperatures of up to 140°F! Can you imagine cooling a house effectively while drawing the source air from a virtual oven?

The solution is “Attic Encapsulation”, insulating the roof with spray foam and creating a cap that stops air leakage. Typically, attics draw air up through the house trapping heat where the air conditioning unit operates. Peak efficiency is achieved only when the air handler is positioned in a conditioned space void of warm, moist air. By encapsulating your attic with a layer of insulation, your cooling system becomes more efficient, saving you money and extending the life of your A/C equipment.

Replacing your air handler can be incredibly costly, as can months of paying for inefficient cooling during a long, hot summer. Instead of subjecting your family to the expense of maintaining poorly operating equipment in a less than ideal environment, consider Attic Encapsulation. Our team at Atlantic Spray can help address your questions and concerns and set you on a path to an energy efficient home. Contact us today!

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc.

Closed Cell Foam: What You Need to Know

One of the products that Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. recommends is closed cell spray polyurethane foam, for use in new construction as well as buildings requiring energy solutions and renovation. The foam is sprayed on to surfaces as a liquid, and then expands to many times its normal size to adequately fill and seal spaces. While its application is more expensive than some types of insulation, the value is much higher as closed cell spray foam is far more durable and energy efficient.

Many people wonder if spray foam is safe and environmentally friendly. The products that Atlantic Spray uses are manufactured from renewable materials (one product is even made from Soy!) and contain non-ozone-depleting chemicals. It is a lifetime product that doesn’t need replacement and therefore does not need to end up in landfills or as waste. Applied, it encourages superior energy efficiency in homes and therefore reduces the use of fossil fuels to regulate home temperatures.

Insulation’s value is measured in “R-value per square inch”. Spray foam has the highest R-value of any commercially available insulation product. Homeowners benefit from more useable space as the foam doesn’t have to be applied as thick as some products to achieve the same R-value. It can be applied to roofs and exposed surfaces as long as it is given a protective coating or covering. It is widely used and well tested, and is a “lifetime” product.

When you’re considering your insulation options, ask your expert about the benefits and value of installing closed cell spray foam and find out if you would benefit from a lasting investment in quality materials. At Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc., we’re ready and waiting to introduce you to one of our favorite products: closed cell polyurethane spray foam! Call us today!