Energy Audits

Every home owner needs a basic understanding of the energy efficiency of his or her property.  Whether you are concerned with your environmental impact and carbon footprint, or your monthly utility bill bottom line, you need to establish what your base use is today in order to make the improvements that will optimize the operation of your home in the future.

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. has the certified staff necessary to perform a high-tech evaluation, or Energy Audit, of your house. Our Certified Building Analyst will use the latest technology and techniques to identify multiple points of weakness or system loss, and present to you a whole-house perspective on the modifications that can be made to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

When you are preparing for your Energy Audit, your analyst will provide you with a list of things that you need to do in order to maintain the integrity of your belongings and cleanliness of your home during the Blower Door Test. Your house will be depressurized and a checklist will be followed to detect places where air is leaking, or your home’s air seal is compromised. When the test is done, you will be given a list of modifications and recommendations for which ones you can address on your own and which may need to be performed by a professional.

Once repairs are complete, your analyst will perform a second test to make sure the modifications are working. A record is kept of the results, recommendations and improvements so you can track performance over time.

Audits generally cost $200 – $300 and can easily pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills. In some cases, you may qualify for an offset of these fees from local agencies or your own utility providers, so check for programs that offer energy evaluation and performance incentives.

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. is proud to have a Certified Building Analyst who can perform Energy Audits on staff to offer this integral service. If you feel like your home could be more energy efficient and want to find out how specific improvements can save you money and wear on your property, contact us today and schedule and Energy Audit of one of your most valuable possessions: your home.

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