Combating Seasonal Allergies at Home

Allergy Season is officially here and homeowners will soon begin the daily battle to keep their air clean and healthy for their families. While the onslaught of different pollens, as well as the proliferation of dust mites won’t soon end, there are steps you can take to make your home a true shelter against aggravating allergens.

Many people fail to recognize the relationship between crawl spaces and seasonal allergens. In many homes, air is drawn into the house from the crawl space, bringing with it all of the natural grime that collects there from plants and pests over time. Additionally, many homes have dusty attics which are also a source of inside air.

One recommendation you should consider is having your old insulation removed. A professional will vacuum it out and execute what is actually a very clean process. Reject any contractor who plans to bag up the insulation and drag it through your home – the transfer will only make conditions worse. Installing new, clean insulation, and replacing old fiberglass insulation with spray foam insulation creates a cleaner interior and fewer allergies!

You might also consider one of our favorite newer products, the EZ Breathe Ventilation System. This energy efficient system creates an air exchange that expels contaminants from your home and draws clean, healthy, air throughout your rooms increasing your family’s comfort and safety. Paired with clean insulation and encapsulated crawl spaces and/or attics, your home can be the perfect sanctuary against seasonal allergens! Have questions? Contact Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. today!

Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc.

Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

If you have ever detected a stale or musty odor in the air or found excessive condensation on the interior of your windows, you have experienced the discomforts and health risks of poor ventilation. Your home’s air quality is critical to the health and safety of your family. Our research into the many available solutions to this problem led us to an exceptional product which we now install: the EZ Breathe Ventilation System.

EZ Breathe is a quiet, maintenance free and energy efficient unit that exhausts stale air, along with the contaminants and moisture that are found in it. The unit achieves whole home air exchange by exchanging stale air for fresh air. Most homes have a closed system that simply recirculates the air already in the building.

A ventilation system like EZ Breathe combats moisture, mold and mildew, allergens and asthmas triggers. It is the perfect complement to spray foam insulation which creates a tight environment that stops the wrong kind of air from permeating and causing damage.  It is superior to installing a dehumidifier when you encapsulate your crawl space and far more efficient. When installed in a basement, it removes cold, most air from the area and draws down the warm air from the rest of the home which is ideal for drying out moist spaces, making them safer, more structurally sound and more comfortable.

The advantages to installing an EZ Breathe ventilation systems, especially when insulating your home, are far too numerous to mention in one brief article. If you think you could benefit from whole home air exchange in a quiet, efficient package, contact Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. today!