Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Historic Properties

One of our more interesting challenges at Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. is updating and upgrading insulation in properties that have historic value. In this region, there are numerous houses that trace their origin to the pre-Civil War era, and even earlier, and many more of antebellum fame. These projects require extra care on our part as we simultaneously strive to protect history and preserve it for the future.

Historic Buildings offer us the primary challenge of limited space. Spray foam is the perfect product to stop air infiltration in these notoriously drafty homes. The foam has a higher “R Value” per square inch and can be applied conservatively yet still stop air transfer. To properly insulate historic homes, you must use spray foam.

We have insulated many historic properties with spray foam and have found it well accepted by the community responsible for protecting the integrity of the homes. If you would like to explore spray foam insulation for your historic property, contact Atlantic Spray Systems, Inc. today and we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your options. We look forward to meeting you!